Tumblr — место, где ты можешь самовыражаться, читать то, что тебе интересно, и находить друзей по интересам.  Why should we do it? Because I’m not the only one that wants a REAL better and positive Tumblr, without the porn bots, racists, etc. We need to let staff now that the real problem here is not NSFW content! And, here, take this alternative, if you don’t want to participate in the log off protest

Tumblr — место, где ты можешь самовыражаться, читать то, что тебе интересно, и находить друзей по интересам.  Me: What is this filth. whatstrendingnow-blogwhatstrendingnow-blog.tumblr.com. Не читать. Читать. What's Trending Now. Trending: National Dog Day. In 2004 National Dog Day was established not only to appreciate human’s best friend but to call attention to the harsh treatment that many dog breeds face at the hands of some pet stores and “backyard breeders” who practice “breed-bans" (killing mixed breed dogs to make room for the sale of more profitable breeds).

This comic was written and illustrated by Jamie Spicer-Lewis ragenineteen.tumblr.com/ youtube.com/RageNineteen. Read more at www.eddsworld.co.uk. : eddsworld ew comic 244 turkey thanksgiving muscle swole bodybuilding disturbing funny ragenineteen jamie spicer-lewis. superbcroissantwagonplaid liked this. tomjehovah liked this. nerdypeachneckpizza liked this. satanicsoulstealer666 liked this.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Serving The White Alpha Men. It has learned that The world belongs to the superior White Alpah Men it as to serve then for that's The only meeting of life. A faggot begs to be gang-fucked, but has no idea what that REALLY means. But YOU do. So you’re prepared. You and any homies u get agree to make the whore’s gang-rape a reality … you duct tape its mouth and hands. With the very first fuck the faggot learns that rape-reality hurts.

#ladyferal #girlslikeus #catsofinstagram (at Beaverton, Oregon) https://www.instagram.com/p/BryrMcHn7SK/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=8e3nypklukqk. ✨🐵 👀😀🐙🙈☺. 191 notes Dec 25th, 2018.  Been a rough journey to Christmas, but the good news is that it’s almost here, and after it arrives, we don’t have do it again for another year. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #trans #transgirl #girlslikeus #lgbtq #lgbtqpride #transisbeautiful #thisiswhattranslookslike #myface https://www.instagram.com/p/Bry1QnIFsw0/? utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=ba29tqj9g503. 🙌 🌷.

If you want to see more comics This tumblr account is my own personal one, so I don't speak for company I work for here. All opinions are my own. Hey it's my Ko-Fi if would like to support me and get a sketch!

Tumblr is a popular platform for short-form microblogging, allowing users to share blog entries, photos, videos and music. How does Tumblr compare to other social media sites?  Tumblr is one of the most popular microblogging sites. Tumblr.com. Tumblr is a network of millions of user-generated, personal Web sites. It's part blogging platform (like Wordpress, Blogger or Posterous) and part social networking service, letting users create and post their own original content. Written entries, photographs, video clips or links to other Web sites -- you can share all of these things with your friends and followers.

Inspiring individuals to seek the best for themselves, from within themselves. Sending daily reminders through the beauty of Earth and inspirational typograhies.(imcwote@gmail.com). You need a flat stomach to pull off a belly button piercing. You need a flat stomach to pull off a crop top. You need a flat stomach. Psych2Go is thinking of doing a meetup (whether in person or virtually) to discuss topics around psychology and self-care. If you’re interested, send an email to sylvia@psych2go.net with the following info

And then, weeks later, my draft somehow got posted. @yinza said she’s heard of tumblr randomly posting drafts, so maybe tumblr really is haunted XD. (Or maybe I accidentally butt-posted or butt-added-to-queue via the mobile app.) asks anon. 26 notes - Jan 6 2019. squidwithelbows: I saw a guy today in Salem with an outfit that gave off a very Deku vibe. walkingnorth's queue artspiration bnha. 2,871 notes - Jan 6 2019.

It would appear that either by glitch or bad choice on staff’s part, Tumblr is mass deleting people’s accounts; primarily NSFW accounts but with some exceptions, as per Tumblr’s norm. That being said, I don’t have a NSFW account, and { as far as I know } nothing NSFW on here, but just in case this account gets mulched, I am exceedingly active on my Twitter and would love to meet you all there for a cuppa.

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