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The Campeonato Brasileiro Série A is the second largest league in attendance in South America (behind Argentina). Despite the great popularity of football in the country, the league has a low average audience compared to major football leagues in the world, the championship doesn't even appear among the top 10 average attendance in football league, the smallest attendance was in 2004 season with 9,136, the largest was in 1983 season with 22,953. The attendance of 2013 season was 14,951 with average

The table below lists domestic professional sports leagues from around the world by total attendances for the last completed season for which data is available. The following points should be considered: In some cases the figures listed are for main season games only. In some sports (mainly North American centered sports) the main league competition provides each club or franchise with virtually the whole of its attendance and revenue. In others, there are multiple competitions, for example leading

A great change for Serie A attendances. Onefootball. Lewis Ambrose. There has been a rise rise in Serie A attendance figures a few weeks into the new season. The league average attendance for the new season is currently 23,700 – up on last season’s number despite the promotion of Benevento and SPAL, who have stadiums with capacities of just 17,500 and 13,000 respectively. In proportion to stadium size, SPAL have the second best attendance figures so far this season, attracting an average of 11,327 fans per game. Newly-promoted Verona aren’t doing so well, filling just under 52% of their 31,250

Results attendances Serie A (Italia). How many times has the specific type of result appeared in this current championships? Attendances under 0,5. Squadra. Tot.  This soccer statistics site was born in 2013 and it is a information site with purpose to help bettors, simply curious and soccer fans. Gamble responsibly Scrivimi.

Home attendances. Average attendance. Lowest. Highest.  * If a club’s highest home attendance recorded in the season is higher than its stadium’s known capacity, then the 'Capacity' value will refer to the highest home attendance recorded in the season for the club. Regular season matches. 37%.

Low attendance and worsened teams has a common cause: bad management and narrow vision, both in clubs and in italian football federation (FIGC). Also, some national laws on stadiums didn't help. (You can also argue that bad management is, generally speaking, what makes Italian economy weaker than German, British and French economy, so here you have the origin of all italian evil ;) ) so, reasons for Serie A low attendance: 1. Most of our stadiums are municipal properties (only 3 teams have private or semi-private arenas, the first one was Juventus Stadium in 2011). That’s why it’s difficu

Serie A attendances continue to rise, with an average of over 30,000 taking in the Week 13 matches. Last season brought the best seasonal average since 2010, and the positive trend is continuing this season. Over 30,000 fans attended this weekend’s matches, with an average attendance of 30,295. That was helped by home games for Inter, Napoli and Juventus, which had the highest crowds of the weekend, not to mention the Derby della Lanterna between Genoa and Sampdoria. Inter-Frosinone saw 63,645 at San Siro on Saturday night, with 44,408 attending Napoli-Chievo and 41,052 in Turin for Juventus-S

The average attendance grows again in Serie A TIM stadiums. Serie A TIM 13th Round has reached more than 300 thousand spectators. 63.645 fans went to San Siro stadium for the Inter-Frosinone, 44.408 people went to the San Paolo stadium for the match between Napoli and ChievoVerona and 41.052 were at Allianz Stadium for Juventus-SPAL. More than 300 thousand people is the total attendance of Serie A TIM 13th Round. The average attendance of the last round is 30.295. It's a record not only for this season but also for the last three years. The previous record of this season was 29.443 in 9th

Italian Serie A 2 hours ago. Read. AS Roma. Internazionale. 2. 2. FT.  Aggregated Attendance. 3,308,177. Longest Winning Streak. Juventus 8 Games. Longest Current Winning Streak. Juventus 5 Games. Longest Unbeaten Streak.

Attendance Statistics of Serie A 2015-2016. Statistiche Spettatori Serie A 2015-2016. Analysis. Season.  www.stadiapostcards.com. Complete report every week from Serie A,B & C ! 8.426.794. 379.

All the average attendances of premier leagues for the current season. If you click on the flag in the left bar you can also find more attendance info of the past. If you can help me other leagues, please send me an e-mail. EUROPEAN ATTENDANCES. Champions League Europa League European Club Top 100 European League Top 30. DOMESTIC ATTENDANCES. Data for 2017 and 2017/2018 : Country.

Serie A attendances have dropped marginally. Higher attendances in the last couple of weeks increased the final season average for Serie A to 19,720. These are the average Serie A team attendances for the 2006–07 season:[4].  Milan outnumbered every other team for the highest number of season ticket holders with 37,000, with Inter not far behind with 35,000 season ticket holders. The lowest attendance for the season was recorded in the Ascoli vs Cagliari match, in the final day of the league, that attracted a mere 2,800 people.

Serie A attendances have been falling in recent years as empty seats become a regular sight when watching games around Italy on our tv screens. The malaise in attendance figures was made clear last weekend, when journalist Nick Harris highlighted how little people saw AC Milan defeat Fiorentina on Sunday. Milan's attendance at 80,000-seat San Siro in Serie A tonight (28,374) was lower than Derby's yesterday in the Championship (32,895). — sportingintelligence (@sportingintel) January 17, 2016. Italian football expert James Horncastle spoke to Off the Ball last night about the problem

Their record attendance at home was for the match against Juventus (58,666 spectators). Next come the Romans, with Roma in fourth place and Lazio in fifth. The Giallorossi's total attendance for the season was 645,095 with an average of 33,952 spectators per match, occupying 45% of the Stadio Olimpico on average. Whereas the Lazio fans totalled 553,316 with an average of 29,122 per match (occupying 39% of the ground). In the 2010/11 Serie A the total number of spectators who attended matches was 8,989,385. The average number of spectators per match was 24,901. A complete version of all th

Home News Domestic Leagues Serie A attendance figures for the first round. News. Domestic Leagues. Serie A attendance figures for the first round. By. Julios Maroulakis.  Virtus Bologna stays at the top of the list with an average of 7.700 spectators. They are followed by Milano with 5742 and Siena with 5030. The overall average of the league is 3.848.

The Serie A is regularly getting painted as the sick child of European football. It is a league in decline, with betting scandals, crumbling stadiums, and ever declining attendances. Not a pretty picture, in fact, we have written about it ourselves too. Whether exaggerated or not, it is a great context for analysing Italy’s attendances of last season. We already know a few things from when we compared the Serie A with the other major European leagues. Most importantly, Serie A ranked fourth out of six with an average attendance of 22,756 per match.

MLB Attendance Report - 2018. Year: 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001.  *In recent years most cases of doubleheaders are split/day-night doubleheaders which means they have two gates/separate attendance figures. In these cases above they are true doubleheaders with only one attendance number.

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