Find out why Paris Jackson is desperate to marry her bad boy boyfriend Michael Snoddy before her mom Debbie Rowe's tragic death.  paris-jackson-boyfriend-married-debbie-rowe-dead-02. Debbie, 58 — the biological mother both Paris and brother Prince, 19 — looked worse for wear yesterday as she visited her daughter and her serious boyfriend. According to a Jackson family insider, "Debbie is very, very sick." 3 of 8. Photo Credit: AKM-GSI. Photo Credit: AKM-GSI. paris-jackson-boyfriend-married-debbie-rowe-dead-01. As previously reported, the couple has been talking about marriage for several months now.

Jackson Kids -- Daddy's BAD ASS Motorcycle Memorial. 1. 6/21/2011 11:56 AM PDT. Prince & Paris Jackson -- The BAD ASS Motorcycle Memorial. The Jackson kids recently got a glimpse of the coolest Michael Jackson memorial yet -- in the form of a SICK custom-painted motorcycle depicting the King of Pop at various stages in his career. Paris Jackson tweeted the photos over the weekend -- and the timing couldn't be more perfect because this Saturday marks the two-year anniversary of their father's death. Share on facebook. Tweet this.

For example, in the latest instance on April 9, Paris Jackson posted a video on Instagram of two people making a toast with glasses of pastel liquid. On the hand of the camera-holder was the word “Bad” written in red marker — and this was perhaps a homage to Paris Jackson’s father, Michael Jackson. Lately, Paris Jackson has been hanging out with several celebrities including Fergie. Part of the celebrity focus was due to Paris Jackson celebrating her 19th birthday on April 3. Although it ended with a serenade from Fergie, Paris Jackson spent most of her birthday with her friends eating French

3,167 fans Become a Fan. Paris Jackson Is badkeeps really Paris on youtube? Pick one: Yes, she sends proof but deletes it.

In Paris Jackson's and many other people's circumstance, being biracial isn't easy. The reality is there are people in the black community who will simply not accept her as being "black," and some white people will think of her as being mixed race.  THE BLOG. 02/03/2017 07:02 EST | Updated 03/29/2017 05:38 EDT. Why Can't We Let Paris Jackson Be Black? In Paris Jackson's and many other people's circumstance, being biracial isn't easy. The reality is there are people in the black community who will simply not accept her as being "black," and some white people will think of her as being mixed race.

PARIS Jackson has made the ultimate tribute to her late father Michael and had one of his most famous songs tattooed on her hand. It’s been just over seven years since the King of Pop passed away, and to remember him the teen has had Bad inked on herself. The 18-year-old took to Instagram to show off her new artwork, and captioned the picture: “I f***ing love you”. The tattoo was using the same logo that appeared on MJ’s famous hit album that was released in 1987. Paris was joined in the tattoo parlour by her older brother Prince. The 19-year-old had aN inking of a symbol that represents the m

Paris Jackson has honored her father Michael Jackson with another tattoo, and it's even better than the last. What's more, it resides near additional tributes to Prince, David Bowie and the band Van Halen. "Right hand finally finished!!"  "BAD" is emblazoned on Jackson's hand just above her wrist, in the same red graffiti font that's on Michael Jackson's seventh studio album of the same name. Bowie's signature Aladdin Sane-era lightning bolt is on her pinkie, Van Halen's symbol is on her forefinger and Prince's "love symbol" sits forever on the edge of her hand.

Paris Jackson has been recuperating from a suicide attempt earlier this month. While we have stories about what exactly happened we don’t know for sure, although we’re getting another piece. Facebook may have had something to do with it, specifically, cyber bullying. From TMZ : Sources closely connected to Paris tell TMZ … the 15-year-old has been reeling from comments left on her Facebook page — many about Michael Jackson and his lifestyle. Some of the comments involve the various molestation allegations … others involve the odd life Paris lived while Michael was alive. We’re told Paris has t

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson (born April 3, 1998) is an American model, media personality, socialite, humanitarian and actress. She is the second child and only daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. Jackson was born on April 3, 1998, at Spaulding Pain Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills, California, and was named after the French capital city in which she was conceived. She is the middle child and only daughter of singer Michael Jackson and younger child of Debbie Rowe. She has one older brother

Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson (C), stands on stage with Jackson's siblings at the Michael Jackson public memorial service held at Staples Center on July 7, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Jackson, the iconic pop star, died at the age of 50 at UCLA Medical Center after going into cardiac arrest at his rented home on June 25 in Los Angeles. Show Caption. of.  Paris Jackson says she was molested when she was 14, tried suicide multiple times, and believes her father was murdered. Related Articles. TV tonight: ‘Survivor’ crowns a winner; who will it be?

Earlier this week, Marilyn Manson took the stage for a Los Angeles concert and dedicated a song to Paris Jackson. The fifteen-year-old is an admitted Manson fanatic, and since she reportedly fought with her guardians about attending the singer’s concert prior to her suicide attempt, he obviously thought giving her a shoutout would be a nice gesture.  Should Manson feel bad about the wrist cutting gesture? Let us know where you stand by voting in the poll below… Should Manson Feel Bad About What Happened?

Paris Jackson pregnant rumors could be product of a bad angled photo as suggested by a report but the decisison of the rep for Michael Jackson's daughter not to address the issue is setting the speculations on overdrive. Celebrity Dirty Laundry weighed in on the Paris Jackson pregnant rumors as nothing more than a bad angled pic. "We can say with 99% accuracy that Paris Jackson is not pregnant. As usual, the Daily Star has jumped the gun in declaring this non-news story, especially when the 'proof' is through a bad photo and unreliable 'witnesses' originating from

Paris Jackson Did NOT Feud With Janet At Joe Jackson’s Funeral, Despite RadarOnline Claim. July 3rd, 2018. Truth rating: 0. EXCLUSIVE. Paris Jackson NOT “Dating Three Women At Same Time,” Despite Report. June 20th, 2018. Truth rating: 1. EXCLUSIVE. Paris Jackson “Planning Big Career Like Dad Michael” Is Made-Up Story.  Paris Jackson “Boyfriend” Tyler Green NOT A “Bad Influence,” Despite Report. December 10th, 2017. Truth rating: 0. EXCLUSIVE. Paris Jackson’s Family NOT Worried About Her Solo Backpacking Trip, Despite Report. December 8th, 2017. Truth rating: 0. Paris Jackson “Acting Nuts” Amid “Breakdown Fears” Story Is NOT True.

Full Name: Paris Jackson. Biography  Paris Jackson Ordered to 'Stay Still' in 911 Call Before Hospitalization. Love Lives. Paris Jackson Calls Cara Delevingne 'Beautiful' 1 Year After Their Public Kiss. Exclusive. Paris Jackson Is ‘Being Encouraged to Go to Rehab' After Hospitalization. Mental Health. Paris Jackson Endures a Week of ‘Nonstop Bulls--t’ After Hospitalization. News. Paris Jackson Steps Out With BF Hours After Reported Hospitalization: Pics. News. Michael Jackson's Kids: Where Are They Now? Celebrity News. Paris Jackson Denies Reports She Was Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt. News. Par

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Paris Jackson’s “BAD” tattoo, the latest of several tattoos she has gotten recently honoring her late father, Michael Jackson, was inked on July 10, by Justin Lewis, an artist at Timeless Tattoo in Los Angeles, California. Similar to the small, red “BAD” tattoo Miley Cyrus had inked on her finger in 2012, Paris’ new hand tattoo was inspired by Michael Jackson’s third album, Bad, released in 1987. Paris revealed her new “BAD” hand tattoo in a video clip posted on Instagram, which she captioned: “right hand finally finished!! I fucking love you @dermagraphink @vanhalen @prince @michaeljackson @d

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Paris Jackson DETESTS Justin Bieber, largely and ironically because he wouldn't speak up about teenage girls cutting themselves TMZ has learned. Read more on Download. Read more on MORE: Celebrities. Paris Jackson Thinks Justin Bieber Is A Bad Role Model.

Jackson was dating nurse Debbie Rowe at the time, who he divorced in 1999. Lester called Paris 'great looking' and added he 'can't be bothered' for DNA test. By Jane Fryer for the Daily Mail.  And in fact, Lester insists Jackson was a brilliant dad and strict about schooling and bedtime. ‘It used to annoy me a bit. Put me to shame.

Paris Jackson says Michael Jackson was murdered and there were a lot of people who wanted him dead. Paris is on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone mag, and said all signs point to murder, adding, "It was a setup." Without saying it, she insinuates Dr. Conrad Murray was a patsy for someone who wanted her dad dead. She says Dr. Murray caused Michael's dependency on Propofol, despite the fact that Jackson had been abusing the drug long before Dr. Murray entered the picture. She says Michael would tell her people were "out to get him," saying, "They're gonna k

Paris Jackson has some suspicions about her father Michael Jackson's death. In an intimate interview with Rolling Stone, the 18-year-old daughter of the late King of Pop talks about his death at the age of 50. Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for Jackson's dependency on the drug propofol leading up to it, but Paris says she also "absolutely" believes Jackson was murdered. "Because it's obvious," she says.  Paris says she was given the option to go to regular school, but declined. "When you're at home, your dad, who you love more than anything, will occasionally come in, in the middle of class, and it's like, 'Cool, no more class for the day.

Paris Jackson doesn't want to be like her dad.  PHOTOS: Paris Jackson Looks Carefree Amid Mom Debbie Rowe’s Cancer Diagnosis. Sources say that the teen has been offered several different music recording projects, but she’s turning them all down. She has since signed with IMG models.

Paris Jackson and Oprah Winfrey in Los Angeles, CA. AP Photo/Harpo Inc., George Burns. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window).  I didn't get why I was wearing a mask," Jackson reveals. "I understand it now. My dad wanted us to be covered [because] he wanted us to have a childhood." That way she, Prince, and Blanket could go places other kids could, like Chuck E. Cheese. "Chuck E. Cheese was one of our most favorite places to go," she explains. As for processing her father's death? The teen tells Winfrey, "It never gets any easier." VIDEO: How Michael Jackson's pill addiction began.

Paris Jackson attends the Costume Institute Benefit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 1. The aspiring actress dedicated a post to late dad Michael Jackson on Sunday. File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI | License Photo. Paris Jackson attends the Grammy Awards on February 12. File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI | License Photo. Paris Jackson attends the InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globes after-party on January 8. File Photo by David Silpa/UPI | License Photo. June 26 (UPI) -- Paris Jackson paid tribute to late dad Michael Jackson on the eighth anniversary of his death.

Paris Jackson wrote a sweet tribute to her father, the late "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, on Tuesday. It would have been Jackson's 59th birthday. She posted an adorable throwback photo of herself kissing her dad when she was a small child and remembered what he taught her. wrote, "Birthday wishes to the love of my life, the one person who showed me what passion truly was, the one that gave me solid morals to live by and how to dream. i will never feel love again the way i did with you. you are always with me and i am always with you. though i am not you, and you.

Paris Jackson has inherited her dad’s love of the Beatles. During a visit to NYC, the King of Pop’s eldest child paid a visit to the John Lennon memorial, Strawberry Fields, in Central Park. Paris, 18, shared a photo of herself and her drummer boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, placing flowers atop the iconic.

Paris Jackson never wants to forget her dad, Michael. The 18-year-old has gotten several tattoo tributes to the late King of Pop. On Monday, she debuted her newest ink on Twitter. "Never forget your roots. Always be proud of where you came from," she captioned the photo. MORE: Paris Jackson Dedicates New Tattoo to Her Father Michael: 'He Was the King of My Heart'. Paris' latest tattoo appears to be on her arm and is a drawing of Michael's eyes and one of his signature curls. They are framed by an elaborate boarder with a slew of animals around them. The body art i

People that are saying that Paris Jackson isn't black can fight me. Just because she doesn't look black doesn't mean she isn't black. black-ice-queen.  Everyone likes to tell paris jackson that her dad would be ashamed of her because of the tats but this is the same man that owned a chimp and a llama. I don’t think he’d give a shit about some ink.

Paris Jackson was only 11 years old when her father passed away at the age of 50 in 2009. “To everyone else, he was the King of Pop. To me, well, he was the king of my heart,” Jackson wrote of the late Michael Jackson in an Instagram post from April 2016.  The tat is a re-creation of Michael Jackson’s iconic album cover for Dangerous, which was released in 1991. “Black or White” was the album’s biggest single. Paris’s new tattoo depicts the part of the album cover with her father’s eyes peering through a filigree framework containing a monkey’s head, elephant, ram, and other assorted animals.

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is Michael Jackson's second child. Daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe Sister of Prince Michael Jackson I & Prince Michael Jackson II.  What did Paris Jackson like to do with her dad? We can't really know all the details, but friends of the family have said that the kids and Michael were like 'four best friends' or the 'four musketeers' and that they, all three of them, had a great passion for films, with Prince now saying he wants to be a director when he grows up.

The 18-year-old Paris Jackson believes her father was murdered and reveals she was raped aged 14.  Paris identifies as black because her dad Michael told her she was. A cartoon image of the singer adorns one of the walls in his old studio in LA, where Paris lives. In the years since the King of Pop died, Paris has mostly stayed out of the limelight, battling her own demons away from public view. Now, in her first in-depth interview, she has revealed her desire to be a spokesperson for her generation, continuing her dad’s passion for environmental issues. Getty Images. 15. Michael found fame with The Jackson Five before becoming the King of Pop.

Paris Jackson has paid tribute to her late father Michael and has thanked him for giving her the strength to "carry on." The 20-year-old actress took to her Instagram account on Sunday to pay tribute to the King of Pop - who tragically died from acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009 when Paris was just 11 years old - and claimed his love is the only thing that keeps her going. Alongside a professional photo of the 'Thriller' hitmaker, she said: "my one source of strength. the only thing keeping me going. my love, my light, my archangel. (sic)". my one source of

Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009 at age 50. Earlier in January, Paris told Rolling Stone that she still thinks her father was murdered. "Because it's obvious. All arrows point to that," she said.  It was a setup. It was bullshit." Paris also has many tattoos in honor of MJ, explaining "He's brought me nothing but joy. So, why not have constant reminders of joy?" Watch Fuse's HBD music video special all Tuesday morning, Aug. 29, to celebrate the King of Pop's birthday. Next, watch this fun interview where Aaron Carter remembers his late friend Michael Jackson by telling a story about the icon jumping into an alligator pit

Paris Jackson is honoring her late father, Michael Jackson, on his birthday in the cutest way ever. The icon would have been 59 today, thus the 19-year-old star celebrated his memory with a sweet throwback picture of the duo on Tuesday morning. In the adorable photo, both she and Jackson are giving one another a kiss. The pop star is clad in his timeless sequin jacket, embellished silver glove, and classic white T-shirt, while Paris is wearing a bow in her hair and a blue, floral trim dress. "Birthday wishes to the love of my life, the one person who showed me what passion truly was, the

Paris Jackson is talking to the one and only Oprah Winfrey about the death of her world famous father. Check out a sneak peek of the emotional interview here! Three years since the death of megastar Michael Jackson, the late star’s only daughter is speaking of her grief. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey slated to air Sunday on OWN, Paris Jackson speaks about how she and her two brothers are coping. In the Paris Jackson interview clip below, the 14-year-old says of mourning her father, “It never gets easier.” Michael Jackson died in 2009, when Paris was just 11 years old, of an overdose of th

Paris Jackson posted a side-by-side photo of herself and Michael Jackson. It seems to be her way of responding to rumors that Michael is  In the years since Michael Jackson's passing, the paternity of his children has frequently been called into question, and it's not hard to see why. Frankly, they don't look like any version of the King of Pop. Prince Jackson has even gone on record as saying Michael's probably not his father. But don't go expecting any similar admissions from 17-year-old Paris Jackson: Paris posted the above photo to Instagram yesterday, and while she's not striking the exact same pose as her father, it seems she's comparing herself to him physically.

With the movie getting major heat from fans, Michael's daughter, Paris Jackson, went on Twitter to denounce the production. "I'm so incredibly offended by it, as i'm sure plenty of people are as well," she wrote. "It honestly makes me want to vomit." In a now-deleted tweet, Paris emphasized what many fans already knew about Michael: He had always been proud of his African American heritage and wouldn't have approved of this casting. View this post on Instagram. #ParisJackson isn't here for the portrayal of #MichaelJackson & #ElizabethTaylor in n

Introducing our #CR10Paris cover star @parisjackson—read her interview with Lee Daniels on Photo by @mario_sorrenti. On newsstands March 2nd. A post shared by CR Fashion Book (@crfashionbook) on Feb 21, 2017 at 6:04am PST.  However, Jackson's music-making plans may have changed in the time since she conducted the interview. Jackson told Lee Daniels that she's in a band with boyfriend, who plays drums while she sings. The quote is likely referring to her now-ex boyfriend Michael Snoddy, a drummer in the percussion ensemble Street Drum Corps.

Paris Jackson Wears Dad Michael Jackson's Rope Bracelet Every Day: 'It Smells Like Him'. The 18-year-old rising star also reveals she has over 50 tattoos and more in a new Rolling Stone interview. By. Brittany Talarico. January 24, 2017 12:15 PM. Paris Jackson is having a very busy 2017. The 18-year-old daughter of late pop icon Michael Jackson is making her mark on the fashion world, posing for her first magazine photo shoot and spending time on the Paris Couture Fashion Week circuit. And she’s also adding cover girl to her expanding portfolio, landing a spot on Rolling Stone‘s

In honor of the occasion, daughter Paris Jackson has posted a loving tribute to her dad, along with an adorable throwback photo. Related: Bruno Mars Shares Heartfelt Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute. “Birthday wishes to the love of my life, the one person who showed me what passion truly was, the one that gave me solid morals to live by and how to dream,” she shared on Instagram. “I will never feel love again the way I did with you.

The actor, model, and singer shared a recent encounter on Twitter. Paris Jackson has called out paparazzi for comparing her to her dad in a series of tweets. The actor, model, and singer shared an encounter with photographers on her Twitter page earlier today, disputing their claims that Michael Jackson wouldn’t have acted how she did. “i just got yelled at in a really mean way outside the tom ford show because paparazzi didn’t get a chance to shoot my face,” she wrote, explaining to her followers that the photographers wouldn’t get paid if her face wasn’t in their shots. Does no one remember

Find on Amazon: Paris Jackson. Cite this Page: Citation. Related Authors.  My dad said, 'Stay humble, and you gotta work harder than everybody else.' My mom said, 'Always be yourself.' She always told me only God can judge me.

Paris Jackson wrote a touching and sweet note on Instagram to her late father, Michael Jackson, on what would have been his 59th birthday today. “birthday wishes to the love of my life, the one person who showed me what passion truly was, the one that gave me solid morals to live by and how to dream,” the 19-year-old model and actress wrote, along with a photo of her and her dad from her childhood. Paris continued, “i will never feel love again the way i did with you. you are always with me and i am always with you. though i am not you, and you are not me, i know with all of my being that we a

Paris Jackson Says Her Late Dad Made Sure She Identified As A Black Woman. Posted on January 24, 2017 - By Bossip Staff. Paris Jackson Says She Identifies As A Black Woman. Paris Jackson is a proud black woman! Michael Jackson’s oldest child says her late father ensured that his kids knew their African-American heritage.  “I consider myself black,” she says, adding later that her dad “would look me in the eyes and he’d point his finger at me and he’d be like, ‘You’re black. Be proud of your roots.’ And I’d be like, ‘OK, he’s my dad, why would he lie to me?’ So I just believe what he told me. ‘Cause, to my knowledge, he’s never lied to me.

Paris Jackson on Twitter. Paris and her two brothers, Prince Michael, 15, and Blanket, 10, had lived a very sheltered life before their father died. However, the whole family have been in the news of late after their grandmother Katherine lost guardianship temporarily as she went on holiday to Arizona. Joint guardianship has now been arranged between Katherine and Tito Jackson. Popular In the Community. Sponsored.

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, identifies as Black and counts her father telling her to embrace her heritage as the reason. The middle child of the pop icon is defending her late father in a new interview and is denying the ongoing rumor that she is not his biological child. Paris agreed to address the issue head on for the first and only time to Rolling Stone.  And I’d be like, ‘OK, he’s my dad, why would he lie to me?’ So, I just believe what he told me. ‘Cause, to my knowledge, he’s never lied to me.” Paris explained many people who don’t know her believe she is white.

There are dozens of Michael Jackson impersonators out there, but Paris Jackson isn’t buying it. Last week, the 20-year-old model—and MJ’s daughter—took to her Twitter to call out an impersonator who she believes was “trying way too hard” to look, sound and be like her dad. Jackson became aware of the impersonator after a fan tweeted his Facebook and tagged several of MJ’s family members, including his sister La Toya Jackson and his brother Jermaine Jackson.

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