Melania Trump (/məˈlɑːniə/; born Melanija Knavs; [mɛˈlaːnija ˈknaːu̯s], Germanized to Melania Knauss; born April 26, 1970) is a Slovenian-American former fashion model and, as wife of the 45th U.S. President Donald Trump, the current First Lady of the United States. Melanija Knavs was born in Novo Mesto, and grew up in Sevnica, in the Yugoslav republic of Slovenia. She worked as a fashion model through agencies in Milan and Paris, later moving to New York City in 1996. Her modeling career was

Donald and Melania Trump have been married for 13 years. Here's a look inside their relationship and marriage, in honor of the first lady's 48th birthday.  Inside the marriage of Donald and Melania Trump, who broke up once before, reportedly sleep in different bedrooms, and are weathering rumors of his affairs. Brennan Weiss and Pat Ralph. Apr. 26, 2018, 12:14 PM. The Trumps march in his Inauguration Day parade. Evan Vucci - Pool/Getty Images. Melania Knavs came to New York in the '90s to pursue a career in modeling.

Until November 8, Melania Trump’s marriage provided her with a golden Fifth Avenue fortress, at a price—putting up with her husband’s humiliations and boorishness. From Melania’s ill-fated campaign appearances to her apparent reluctance to embrace the role of First Lady: how a very private woman is coping with the intense public scrutiny of her marriage.  Inside the Trump Marriage: Melania’s Burden. Until November 8, Melania Trump’s marriage provided her with a golden Fifth Avenue fortress, at a price—putting up with her husband’s humiliations and boorishness. From Melania’s ill-fated campaign appearances to her apparent reluctance to embrace the role of First Lady: how a very private woman is coping with the intense public scrutiny of her marriage. by. Evgenia Peretz.

When did Melania marry Donald Trump? Her best friend at the time, Edit Molnar, said Melania met the 52-year-old Mr Trump at a party at the Kit Kat Club during New York Fashion Week in 1998. According to Molnar, the model was initially “turned off” by the billionaire. “Melania said ‘He’s here with a woman. I am absolutely not giving him my number.’ She wouldn’t even consider it,” she told the New York Times. Instead, Donald gave her all of his numbers — business and home — and she called him when she returned from a modelling trip. She started dating notorious ladies man Trump following the col  "I know people like to speculate and the media likes to speculate about our marriage," she says. Llamas asks: "Have you been hurt though?" After appearing to take a long pause, Melania answers: "Media

Donald and Melania Trump's marriage has long been a source of mystery, and the scrutiny has only intensified since he took office.  Ahead of Melania Trump’s 48th birthday on Thursday, her husband sent out a campaign email to supporters in which he called his wife his “better half” and his “rock and foundation.” “This month, our family is looking forward to a very special day. Please join us in celebrating the First Lady and my beautiful, kind-hearted and exceptional wife Melania’s birthday by signing her card,” the president said in the email.

To Melania Trump—and to the people who know her back home—her journey to marrying The Donald is like a fairy tale, or a too-crazy-to-believe rom-com. It’s a story full of naked ambition, stunning beauty, a shockingly Trump-like dad, and even some family secrets. Maybe she’s made for Washington after all.  Vladimira Tomšič, who went to the same school as Melania and is friendly with her parents, tells me that her upbringing helps explain her marriage. “The secret of why he’s with her,” she explains, “is her traditional values and the importance of family to her.” In other words, that bearskin-rug photo is a red herring: Melania is the ideal wife for the conservative base. She is, in fact, positively biblical—Trump’s perfect “help meet,” his “suitable helper,” as the Bible’s description of Eve would have it. Melania Trump is as tailored to The Donald as if a divine plastic surgeon had sculpted he

Donald and Melania Trump got engaged in 2004 and married a year later. As President and First Lady, their marriage is constantly scrutinized by the media.  Donald Trump is the President of the United States and his third wife, Melania Trump, is his First Lady. The business mogul-turned-politician and former model have been married for more than a decade. Their first child together, Barron Trump, is 11-years-old. The Trumps met nearly two decades ago, in 1998 in New York City. While Mr. Trump was currently involved at the time, they began seeing each other shortly thereafter. Mr. and Mrs. Trump have been together, for the most part, ever since.

20 Quotes from Donald & Melania Trump About Love & Marriage. "It’s a lot of responsibility for a woman to be married to a man like my husband." By Braelyn Wood. Jan 31, 2017. Getty ImagesMOLLY RILEY/AFP/Getty Images. One of the most famous moments from Donald Trump's inauguration on January 20 involved his wife, Melania, and that massively viral GIF of her face falling into a sudden deep frown during her husband's swearing in ceremony. Soon, #FreeMelania started trending along with rampant and sexist speculation that she's miserable and trapped in her marriage.

Melania Trump swats Donald Trump's hand away as he attempts to hold it multiple times on his trip abroad. 55.1k Views · View 312 Upvoters. Jen Burns, Reader, thinker and sometimes commentator.  Melania has gone on record saying that she believes having separate bathrooms is the secret to her successful marriage with Trump. I think a lot of the press angle is wrong. She doesn’t like the spotlight on her from being first lady, and she didn’t actually want Trump to run for president; it was something they disagreed on.

Melania Trump - the secret behind First Lady's marriage to TRUMP revealed by school friend. Melania Trump, wife of US president Donald Trump, is the Slovenian former-model who won the heart of the brash American tycoon, 70. Now the First Lady’s school friend has revealed the secret as to why Trump chose the brunette beauty as his third wife. By Emily Hodgkin.

I don't want the ultimate feminist marriage. I don't want to have it all. I want what Donald and Melania Trump have. Source: Mic/Getty Images. I'm not the only person scrutinizing the Trumps' marriage right now.  To hear Trump tell it, Melania doesn't even have a working intestinal system — Ioffe quotes Trump boasting on the Howard Stern Show in 2003 that Melania "doesn't make doody." As a feminist (and as someone who spends a fair amount of time describing my bowel movements with my partner), this point of view is anathema to me. To be expected to cede my career ambitions to a lifetime of raising bratty little blond boys — and to be expected to limit my bodily functions while doing so — does not sound appealing.

Discover Melania Trump's early life in Slovenia, her career as a fashion model, and her marriage to Donald Trump. Learn about her controversial speech during the 2016 presidential campaign and her anti-bullying platform as first lady Learn more about First Lady Melania Trump, wife of U.S. President Donald Trump, on

Marriage. Melania and Donald Trump met at a fashion party in New York City in September 1998. Being single, Trump entered into a serious relationship with her. She accompanied Trump for a few campaigns like the Reform Party presidential nomination in 2000. They got engaged in 2004, and married on January 22, 2005, at The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida. While Donald Trump was campaigning for the 2016 presidential elections, Melania Trump gave a speech on July 18, 2016, at the Republican National Convention. The speech became controversial after it was found to be

Melania Trump ‘Really Unhappy’ Over Donald’s ‘Disrespectful’ Marriage Joke About Her Leaving Him. REX/Shutterstock. View Gallery.  Poor Melania Trump. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on how the first lady is humiliated by husband Donald’s cringeworthy public joke about her leaving him. You’ve got to feel for Melania Trump. She has seemed so miserable with husband Donald, 71, ever since he became president and now he’s publicly joking about her leaving him. Since he knows she would probably never do that — as no first lady has dumped a sitting Commander-in-Chief — it hurt all the more to have him make fun of the fact that she’s basically a White House prisoner. “Melania is used to Donald’s humor by now, and usually she pays no

Melania Trump talks about her marriage to Donald, his divisive policies and social media bullying. US FIRST Lady Melania Trump has opened up about her marriage to Donald, his divisive policies and social media bullies.  “It’s all the things that people say, that I’m not happy in the White House; that I don’t even live there; that I’m miserable in my marriage, that I’m out of touch … there are so many things, I don’t even know where to start.” A second term for donald? The question of whether Mr Trump will seek a second term as president has been cropping up more and more. When asked about his intentions for 2020, Ms Trump remained coy. “I believe that my husband is doing an incredible job for this Nation … so whatever he will decide, I will support him.” Melania Trump has just wrapped up a major visit to Afri

Melania Trump Married(s). First Marriage to Donald Trump. Married Date: January, 22, 2005 Married. He is an American real estate developer, television personality and political candidate. They first met at a Fashion Week party in September 1998. Edit this content. Melania Trump Children. Date of Birth 2006. SON: Barron William Trump. Father : Donald Trump. He is the only child of Melania, who is often seen playing golf with his father. He is fluent in English, Slovenian and French. edit.

What Would Happen If Melania and Donald Trump Got a Divorce? We asked high-profile divorce attorneys to speculate on the prenup—and what a presidential breakup would look like. By Corynne Cirilli. Jan 12, 2018. Philip friedman/studio D (torn photograph); chip somodevilla/getty images (trumps). Eavesdrop on a steakhouse lunch between divorce attorneys and you’re likely to hear them engaging in their current favorite sport: speculating on the marital arrangement between Donald and Melania Trump.  Kretchmar: Without speculating on any particular case, it’s certainly true that spouses can, during their marriage, modify the terms of an existing prenuptial agreement in response to a material event. is is done in a document called a postnuptial agreement. Sometimes postnups are used as a stopgap to an eventual divorce.

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