First lady Melania Trump gives an interview to ABC News' Tom Llamas. "Thank you for having me here, and thank you for a beautiful warm welcome," Melania Trump said at the school in Malawi. "I wanted to be here to see the successful programs that the United States is providing to the children. And thank you for educating them to 'Be Best' -- be their best and to grow up into educated adults for generations to come." (MORE: First lady Melania Trump speaks out against cyberbullying). Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images. First lady Melania Trump visits Chipala Primary Sch

“Media can be very tricky sometimes,” Melania Trump said back in 1999, in an interview with ABC News. “You need to be very careful.” That wariness has, not surprisingly, stuck with her, which is why much of the new ABC special, Being Melania, consisted of her offering up vague bromides and an innocuous set of talking points: her independence, her own priorities, the Be Best initiative she launched earlier this year and the work of “staying true to myself”. Melania Trump parts company with husband's agenda in ABC interview. Read more. But, strikingly, there were also many moments when Mela

Melania Trump screenshot via ABC. Don't miss stories. Follow Raw Story! Follow @rawstory. In an exclusive interview with ABC that took place during her photo-op tour of Africa, first lady Melania Trump claimed she is the “most bullied person in the world.” Speaking with ABC National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas, President Donald Trump’s wife was asked her social media BeBest campaign and she claimed that she is on the receiving end of attacks. SPONSORED. “I could say that I’m the most bullied person on [sic] the world,” Melania Trump said. “You think you’re the most bullied person?” L

Melania Trump gave a candid interview to ABC News, which will air this Friday. She chatted with ABC News' Chief National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas. In it, the First Lady opens up about her marriage and Donald Trump's infidelity. She also talked about #MeToo movement and her 'I Really Don't Care' Zara coat.

Melania Trump, in an interview that aired on Friday, offered an assessment of being first lady: “This won’t last forever.” Trump gave a rare insight into her White House life during an interview on ABC’s “20/20,” taped during her visit last week to Africa, in which she addressed an array of topics, including the #MeToo movement, her husband’s alleged infidelities and her efforts to rein in her husband’s notorious Twitter habits. “I don’t agree always with what he posts,” she said of President Trump’s use of the social media platform. In the interview, Melania Trump also took on one of her own

Melania Trump covered everything from the #MeToo movement, to her husband's alleged infidelities, to her frustrations over being "the most bullied person in the world" in her first sit-down as first lady on Friday night.  You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. “I’m a mother and a first lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do,” she told ABC News’ chief national affairs correspondent Tom Llamas. “I know people like to speculate and media like to speculate about our marriage.”

The same is not true for Melania Trump, who in Friday’s interview that ABC has been teasing for a week now, says repeatedly that she does not want to talk. Even as she’s talking. On-camera. In a new teaser video released by ABC, Tom Llamas asks the First Lady during her recent trip to Africa about her husband’s alleged affairs.  The entire effect of this Melania media tour is to meet a woman who is somewhat insulted to be asked about the circus, despite the fact that she lives there. For the rest of her revelations, or lack thereof, ABC is airing the full interview at 10 P.M. E.S.T. on Friday. Get Vanity Fair’s Cocktail Hour. Our essential brief on culture, the news, and more.

First lady Melania Trump told ABC News in an exclusive interview that she has told her husband there have been people in his administration she didn't trust who worked for him. Asked by ABC News Chief National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas whether there are still people in the president’s administration.

MELANIA Trump’s feelings for Donald Trump have been questioned during an ABC News interview set to air tonight, Friday, October 19 with the First Lady revealing the state of her marriage.  Among the questions, Melania was asked “You mentioned you still have a great marriage, do you love your husband?” in light of allegations of Mr Trump's infidelity. The First Lady responded: "Yes. We are fine. Yes." Mrs Trump said she does not spend time thinking of her husband's alleged affairs since she has "much more important things to think about and to do." Related articles. Melania Trump married Donald because she needed a ‘FATHER FIGURE’.

MELANIA Trump has described herself as “the most bullied person in the world” — an experience she said helped lead to her “Be Best” initiative.  MELANIA Trump has claimed she is picked on more than anyone else in the world as she revealed there are people in the West Wing who she doesn’t trust. New York Post. News Corp Australia NetworkOctober 12, 20181:20am.

Melania Trump's exclusive interview with ABC World News Tonight, which took place during her four-nation Africa tour, aired Friday night. In it, she finally explained the meaning behind her famous "I really don't care" jacket, and discussed the #MeToo movement, sexual misconduct allegations against now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and bullying.  That's why my Be Best initiative is focusing on social media and online behavior." Related Stories. The Truth About Melania's Awkward Body Language. Melania's Jacket Was For The "Left-Wing Media". Ivanka & Tiffany's Body Language Is VERY Revealing. Advertisement.

First lady Melania Trump speaks candidly in an interview with ABC News about her "Be Best" campaign, the Trump presidency and her marriage. Source: CNN. Melania Trump (15 Videos). Melania Trump: Kavanaugh is highly qualified. Melania continues work against cyberbullying. Melania Trump's parents become US citizens.  Melania Trump makes surprise visit to border. Melania says a lot with very few words. Melania Trump weighs in on immigration. First lady returns home after hospital stay. Melania Trump speaks out in candid interview. Melania jokes: I've told him to put phone down. Melania dismisses media reports: 'We are fine'.

Something about Melania Trump keeps people hopeful — insistently so, despite so much contrary evidence — that there’s a bigger story at work. Maybe it’s simply her circumstance, existing as the immigrant wife of a President whose misogyny and xenophobia are such pronounced parts of his personal brand.  But in her first interview as First Lady, on ABC’s “20/20” Oct. 12, the wife of America’s reigning celebrity-in-chief seemed to shrink.

La mujer del presidente de Estados Unidos ha protagonizado varios gestos polémicos en sus visitas a Roma e Israel aunque no han sido los únicos. Por eso, las redes sociales se toman con humor la actitud del matrimonio Trump.  Los desplantes de Melania Trump. La mujer del presidente de Estados Unidos ha protagonizado varios gestos polémicos en sus visitas a Roma e Israel aunque no han sido los únicos. Por eso, las redes sociales se toman con humor la actitud del matrimonio Trump. ABC Multimedia. Actualizado:24/05/2017 20:06h. Enviar noticia por correo electrónico.

Melania Trump, the first lady, has given a rare solo TV interview which will be broadcast on Friday. Ms Trump will open up about her relationship with president Donald Trump, a topic she does not regularly discuss, during the exclusive interview with ABC News host Tom Llamas which was recorded during her trip to Kenya last week.  What will Melania Trump talk about during the interview? ABC News has promised the interview with Ms Trump, broadcast as part of an hour-long programme, will be “wide-ranging”. A teaser video released by the US news network shows presenter Mr Llamas asking the first lady about her husband’s alleged affairs. Read more.

Melania Trump (/məˈlɑːniə/; born Melanija Knavs; [mɛˈlaːnija ˈknaːu̯s], Germanized to Melania Knauss; born April 26, 1970) is a Slovenian-American former fashion model and, as wife of the 45th U.S. President Donald Trump, the current First Lady of the United States. Melanija Knavs was born in Novo Mesto, and grew up in Sevnica, in the Yugoslav republic of Slovenia. She worked as a fashion model through agencies in Milan and Paris, later moving to New York City in 1996. Her modeling career was

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