Ion Iliescu (Romanian pronunciation: [iˈon iliˈesku] (listen); born 3 March 1930) is a Romanian politician who served as President of Romania from 1989 until 1996, and from 2000 until 2004. From 1996 to 2000 and from 2004 until his retirement in 2008, Iliescu was a senator for the Social Democratic Party (PSD), of which he is honorary president. He joined the Communist Party in 1953 and became a member of its Central Committee in 1965. However, beginning with 1971, he was gradually marginalized by

Dezbaterea Ion Iliescu - Emil Constantinescu. Agentia AmosNews 61,314. 15 Mar 1702:45.  Cute Ducks Help Make Organic Wine! Rare Earth Wines 4,452. 15 Mar 1304:24. 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Come Take My Hand. Arcade 2,300,507. 14 May 1403:42. Scandal intre Ion Iliescu si golanii la Bookfest 10 IUNIE 2010. Dalmatia Dan 25,561. 07 Jan 1609:07. SquiddyPlays - GTA V RACES! - trucks & ducks! SquiddyPlays 855,930. Recommended Videos ».

„The ducks come from the trucks” voia să-nsemne, în logica de Dîmboviţa, „dacii sînt urmaşii tracilor”. Ca strănepoţi ai lui Decebal, mulţi dintre liderii politici au dovedit cu vîrf şi îndesat că urmaşii dacilor vorbesc precum camionagiii. Călcîndu-i pe urme lui Ion Iliescu, ei au reuşit să dea cu bocancii în gura gramaticii, în cea a semanticii şi, nu de puţine ori, în cea a logicii. Ultimul tărîm e rezervat, de obicei, unor rafinaţi: rafinaţi în comparaţie cu neanderthalienii vorbitului şi scrisului. Iar stăpînirea primelor două se învaţă greu.

Ion iliescu Profesioniştii - Ion Iliescu Revoluţia română: Prima intervenţie în direct a lui Ion Iliescu Imaginile care l-ar putea ruina pe Ion Iliescu Ion Iliescu, mesaj dur pentru liderii PSD Mineriada din iunie 1990: Declaraţiile lui Ion Iliescu, în 1990 şi în 2015 US and Romanian presidents hold talks Radu Câmpeanu, Ion Raţiu şi Ion Iliescu - dezbatere alegeri prezidenţiale 1990 Bârlogul lui. Ion Iliescu. Puhoi de Poliție de îndată ce am ajuns acolo Revoluţia română: Ion Iliescu prezintă Comunicatul către ţară al CFSN 13-15 iunie 1990, mineriada care a îngrozit lumea. Cum le-a mulţumit Ion   ion iliescu the ducks come from the trucks. ion iliescu si ceausescu. ion iliescu cnn.

Exercitiu de limba engleza. Ion Iliescu: - Mai animal, you know that the duks come from the trucks ? Traian Basescu: - No, no Nelule. The salbatic ducks come from the Sulaina Ceanal. Emil Boc: - But they were killed by za aviara gripa. - Sa presupunem ca as baga mana in buzunarele unui om si i-as lua banii.

Ion Iliescu (* 3. března 1930, Oltenița, Călărași, Rumunsko) je rumunský politik, bývalý prezident. Byl zvolen do úřadu celkem na 11 let (ve třech funkčních obdobích) v letech 1990–1992, 1992–1996 a 2000–2004. V současné době je Iliescu senátorem za stranu PSD, největší politickou stranu v Rumunsku. Obrázky, zvuky či videa k tématu Ion Iliescu ve Wikimedia Commons. Seznam děl v Souborném katalogu ČR, jejichž autorem nebo tématem je Ion Iliescu.

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Așadar nu orice Ion Iliescu este ”acel” Ion Iliescu. O morală simplă, de sfârșit de săptămână. Sfârșit de săptămână în care industria știrilor false depășește planul. Ion Iliescu. Posted in General | Leave a Comment ». « Older Entries. Pagini. Date Biografice. LUCRARI PUBLICATE. Rolul statului in societatea contemporana.

Romania's ex-President Ion Iliescu is facing prosecution on charges of crimes against humanity for the violent suppression of a protest months after the fall of the Communist regime. Several people died and around 1,000 others were wounded when police and miners attacked demonstrators in Bucharest in June 1990. Ion Iliescu, 85, was president from 1990 until 1996 and then returned for a second term from 2000 to 2004. He was accused of murder in 2005.  Romanian TV broadcast archive footage of Mr Iliescu on Wednesday, showing him thanking the miners for coming to the new government's help. Former miners' leader Miron Cozma led the miners when they broke up the opposition protest in 1990 but led a miners' march on Bucharest the following year which helped bring down the government. He was later jailed for his role in the 1991 miners' actions. Related Topics.

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Ion Iliescu. Share. Romanian Prosecutors Indict Former President For 1989 Uprising Deaths. share. Print. Romanian prosecutors have formally indicted former President Ion Iliescu for crimes against humanity, contending that he shares responsibility for the more than 1,100 deaths that occurred during the December 1989 anticommunist revolt. Iliescu, 88, appeared at the Prosecutor-General's Office on April 17 to hear the charges against him. He made no comment.  Iliescu and his associates used radio and television to claim the new power had come under attack from "terrorists" loyal to Ceausescu and issued a call to arms for all able citizens. Thousands of firearms were distributed to the population, and numerous deadly shootouts were recorded from December 22-25, when the Ceausescus were executed following a hasty and controversial trial.

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