Formula One Calendar for 2018 season with all F1 grand prix races, practice & qualifying sessions. Set reminders feature. All world timezones. Download or subscribe.  Download the Calendar for Outlook, Calendar for OSX & Google Calendar. First, pick which F1 races, practices & qualifying sessions you would like to add to your calendar: Practice 1. Practice 2. Practice 3. Qualifying. Grand Prix. Set a reminder minutes before each event in your season calendar.

В 2018 году запланирована 21 гонка. После длительного перерыва в календарь вернулся этап во Франции, причем на трассе Поль-Рикар (последняя гонка на котором проходила в 1990 году) и Германии на трассе Хоккенхайм. Впервые с 1999 года Формула-1 не приедет в Малайзию, так как из-за снижения посещаемости этапа и расходов связанных с проведением Гран-При, власти Малайзии решили отказаться от этапа. Из-за проведения чемпионата мира по футболу, Гран-При России переносится с конца апреля на конец сентября. Организаторы чемпионата не захотели, чтобы гонка проходила в тот же день, что и финальный матч,

The 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship was the motor racing championship for Formula One cars and the 69th running of the Formula One World Championship. Formula One is recognised by the governing body of international motorsport, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), as the highest class of competition for open-wheel racing cars. Drivers and teams competed in twenty-one Grands Prix for the World Drivers' and World Constructors' championship titles.

2018 Formula 1 calendar. From the section Formula 1. Share this page. Share this with.  2018 RACE SCHEDULE. Australian Grand Prix. Melbourne, 23-25 March. 2018 race report. Bahrain Grand Prix. Sakhir, 6-8 April. 2018 race report. Chinese Grand Prix. Shanghai, 13-15 April. 2018 race report. Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Baku, 27-29 April. 2018 race report. Spanish Grand Prix. Barcelona, 11-13 May. 2018 race report. Monaco Grand Prix. Monte Carlo, 24, 26-27 May.

The Formula 1 2019 calendar is approved by the FIA. The current 2018 calendar already has 21 races. Nobody other then Liberty wants more races. Germany and Hockenheim stayed and the triple header is gone, but we will have for the first time a grand prix in December! The calendar below is the approved version that came out on the 31st of Augustus 2018 and is approved by the FIA. You can find which drivers, cars and engine the teams use on our 2019 F1 teams page. F1 Race Schedule. 2019 Formula 1 Calendar. Nr. Date.

Formula 1 race calendar with every session time in every timezone.  2018 Formula 1 Calendar. Just select your capital city to see all session times in your local timezone. Select Andorra, Andorra Tirane, Albania Vienna, Austria Mariehamn, Aland Islands Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Brussels, Belgium Sofia, Bulgaria Minsk, Belarus Zurich, Switzerland Prague, Czech Republic Berlin, Germany Busingen, Germany Copenhagen, Denmark Tallinn, Estonia Madrid, Spain Helsinki, Finland Paris, France London, United Kingdom Guernsey, Guernsey Gibraltar, Gibraltar Athens, Greece Zagreb, Croatia Budapest, Hungary Dublin, Ireland Isle_of_Man, Isle of Man Rome, Italy Jerse

Матч-центр Новости Видео Фото Билеты ТВ-гид Рейтинг букмекеров Спортбары Итоги 2018. Авто. Матч-центр  Зимние тесты 1. Барселона, Испания. 26.02.2018 11:00. Тесты 26 февраля. 27.02.2018 11:00. Тесты 27 февраля. 28.02.2018 11:00. Тесты 28 февраля. 01.03.2018 11:00. Тесты 1 марта. Зимние тесты 2. Барселона, Испания.

Formula 1 season 2018 promises much more. New rules and regulations will evolve the sport more than ever before; F1 is always under development and next season will is no exception. We have new cars, new drivers, a new calendar, and Alfa Romeo is back!  Because of the increasing popularity of the sport, F1 owners Liberty Media are considering expanding the calendar over the coming years, and in 2018 we see one more race than in 2017 with a total of 21, with Germany returning after a one-year hiatus, while Malaysia drops out. There will also be some alterations to some of the staple tracks on the circuit, to ensure the challenge to the drivers is maintained and the action is kept as exciting as possible. Formula 1-calendar 2018. 25-03-2018. GP Australia. Melbourne. Info and history. 08-04-2018. GP Bahrain. Sakhir. Info and history. 15-04-2018.

The Formula 1 calendar 2018 will have – 21 races, 21 incredible cities and locations promises to be another exciting season with new drivers, new partnerships and even more adventure. It is sure to be another bumper year of action. Book your trip now to be there yourself. Contact us to book your Formula 1 experience and travel package. Download the F1 Calendar to your iPhone, iPad, Computer. We have created a comprehensive Formula 1 calendar for 2018, which you can add to your smart phone, tablet or computer. The calendar includes all the Grand Prix as well as the testing dates and F1 launch d

The provisional calendar in full:DateLocationRace Name1Fri 23 Mar - Sun 25 Mar 2018Melbourne2018 FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX2Fri 06 Apr - Sun 08 Apr ()  2018 formula 1 gulf AIR bahrain grand prix. 3. Fri 13 Apr - Sun 15 Apr 2018. Shanghai. 2018 formula 1 heineken chinese grand prix. 4. Fri 27 Apr - Sun 29 Apr 2018. Baku. 2018 formula 1 azerbaijan grand prix. 5. Fri 11 May - Sun 13 May 2018. Catalunya. Formula 1 gran premio de espa?a 2018. 6. Thu 24 May - Sun 27 May 2018. Monte Carlo. Formula 1 grand prix de monaco 2018. 7. Fri 08 Jun - Sun 10 Jun 2018. Montreal. Formula 1 grand prix du canada 2018. 8. Fri 22 Jun - Sun 24 Jun 2018. Le Castellet. Formula 1 grand prix de france 2018. 9. Fri 29 Jun - Sun 01 Jul 2018. Spielberg.

F1 2018: Latest Formula 1 News, F1 Results, 2018 F1 Standings. Home. 2018 F1. Calendar. 2017 F1. Results. Standings.  Malaysian Grand Prix will scrap its Formula 1 race after 2017, but calendar to go back up to 21 races for 2018 as Germany added to France’s expected return. 2018 F1 Calendar

Today, the FIA announced the full Formula One race calendar for the 2018 season. The schedule has 21 races (up from 20), featuring the return of both the German and French Grands Prix, and the loss of the Malaysian Grand Prix. Besides the additions of Hockenheim and Paul Ricard Circuit to the schedule, some races have moved around to accommodate an additional race. The Russian Grand Prix moves from April to September, while the Azerbaijani Grand Prix jumps from June back to April. Next season will also feature a triple-header, with three race weekends in a row from June 24th to July 8th, consi

Formula 1 will have its first triple-header next year, with the French, Austrian and British Grands Prix all due to take place on consecutive weekends. The return of the French and German Grands Prix in 2018 prompted some headaches for F1's chiefs in trying to fit in enough races in to their traditional slots in the calendar.  "If we can do that, then the entire Formula 1 family will reap the benefit." 2018 FORMULA 1 CALENDAR. March 25 Melbourne, Australia April 8 Shanghai, China April 15 Sakhir, Bahrain April 29 Baku, Azerbaijan May 13 Barcelona, Spain May 27 Monaco June 10 Montreal, Canada June 24 Paul Ricard, France July 1 Red Bull Ring, Austria July 8 Silverstone, Great Britain July 22 Hockenheim, Germany July 29 Hungaroring, Hungary August 26 Spa, Belgium September 2 Monza, Italy September 16 Singapore September.

The 2018 F1 calendar features a total of 21 Grands Prix, starting in Melbourne on March 25 and ending in Abu Dhabi on November 25.  At the start of a new calendar year, F1i brings you a handy guide to the key dates in the 2018 Formula One season for you to bookmark. This page will be updated with team car launches when they are announced. 2018 team car launches. February 15 - Williams (London). February 19 - Red Bull Racing (Milton Keynes).

Here is a complete list of the new schedule for the 2018 Formula 1 weekends. You can easily switch from local to your time zone and you can also download the whole calendar onto your phone, so you won't miss any session: everything is just one click away! Convert To Your Local Time Add to Calendar. 15 - 17 Mar. Australia. Fri 15th. FP1: FP2: Sat 16th.  The results of a recent survey of fans from all around the world revealed that starting the races one hour later than usual would suit TV viewers. Therefore, Formula 1, who are really paying attention to what the public wants, has decided to delay the race starts. And the same applies to the free practice sessions on Friday. Who's In This? Related Stories. Posted on 13 September, 2018. Time for Singapore, time for Casio. Read. Posted on 1 September, 2018. Monza 2008 - 10th Anniversary. Watch. Posted on 21 August, 2018.

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