Formula E, officially the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, is a class of auto racing that uses only electric-powered cars. The series was conceived in 2011, and the inaugural championship started in Beijing in September 2014. The series is currently in its fifth season. It is sanctioned by the FIA. Alejandro Agag is the founder and current CEO of Formula E.

Formula E brings racing tech to the road. With 9 global car brands going head to head in season five, Formula E is more than just a racing series - it's a battle for the future. Our cars, powered by pure electricity, pave the way for the cars of tomorrow. Explore the cars. the teams & drivers.

Date of birth: 5 Nov 2013About: Electric Formula 1 - это русскоязычная версия вебсайта о лучших новинках электрических автомобилей и событиях в этой сфере. 80edays - это кругосветная гонка на электромобилях, которая будет проходить в 2016 году. Показать полностью… Цель этой гонки- призвать как можно

Electric Current, Electric Power, Electrical Voltage Electricity and Electric Charge The most common general formulas used in electrical engineering ● Basic Formulas and Calculations ● Relationship of the physical and electrical quantities (parameters) Electric voltage V, amperage I, resistivity R, impedance Z, wattage and power P Volt V, ampere A, resistance and impedance ohm Ω, and watt W.  Basic Principles of Electric Circuits Physics Formulary and Electricity Equations. Formula wheel. ▼. Important formulas. Electrical engineering laws. Electronic engineering laws.

Tamiya 1/10 scale electric R/C Formula One unassembled car kit. Kit is 100% complete mint kit in a mint box. This car u  Very hard to find long out of production discontinued 1/10 scale Tamiya electric R/C F-1 car kit. Kit includes a super-durable pre-colored resin body. Also included is one 7.2 volt 1700MP specialty ba

Everyone knows that Formula 1 is the elite level of motorsport. But in recent years, a young and tech-savvy pretender has appeared on the scene called Formula E. So what exactly is Formula E, how is it run, and what could it mean for the future of the automobile industry? F1 with added spark. Conceived by FIA President Jean Todt, Formula E may appear to be F1 with electrically powered cars, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Formula E cars don’t look entirely dissimilar to the kind of thing that Lewis Hamilton races around Monaco in, but they’re entirely battery driven.

Formula E burst onto the scene as a new, electric single-seater series with an eye on the future – it’s not being seen as a threat to Formula 1 just yet but how do the cars for both championships compare? Remind me later. Share. Tweet.  F1 cars are all very different. While they may feature the same power units, gearboxes, brakes and tyres, there is still a considerable amount of scope for producing a unique car with many exclusive internal parts. Chassis, aerodynamics and many small inside components are made and designed by the teams themselves.

These electric race cars look just like Formula 1, but are eerily quiet. By Erik Olsen April 11, 2016. Car-crazed Californians caught a glimpse of what the future of car racing might look—and sound—like at the second annual Formula E series in Long Beach on April 2, the only U.S. stop on the Formula E tour this year.  It’s fair to say Formula E still has a long way to go: The current generation of electric racing cars manage a mere 150 mph on the track, compared to 220 mph for Formula 1 cars. But don’t imagine this is your mom’s Prius.

The Formula E is a new FIA single-seater championship and the world's first fully electric car racing series. Formula E focuses around three core values of energy, environment and entertainment. It is a fusion of engineering, technology, sport, science and design - all combining to drive the change towards an electric future. For season one, Formula E includes 10 teams, each driving four Spark-Renault SRT_01E Formula E cars (two per driver), which will go head-to-head in creating a unique and exciting racing series designed to appeal to a new generation of motor sport fans.

Drivers, start your electric engines. The first fully electric auto racing championship will soon get a green flag. Though similar to Formula 1 or IndyCar, Formula E features high-speed electric cars that can go 0 to 62 mph in just three seconds. "We want to change the perception of people about electric cars. People still think of electric cars as slow, as non-cool," said Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E, on CNBC. "We want to change that completely, show these cars racing and in action.".

The internal combustion engine has always been the beating heart of a Formula 1 car, though today it represents just one element of an enormously sophisticated power unit.  Just as crucial to propulsion, and fully integrated with the turbocharged 1.6-litre V6, is an Energy Recovery System (ERS) that dramatically increases the unit’s overall efficiency by harvesting (and redeploying) heat energy from the exhaust and brakes that would usually go to waste. The internal combustion engine itself is a stressed component within the car which is bolted to the carbon fibre 'tub'.

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▼ Important formulas Electronic engineering laws. Page 9 of 53. Formula 1 − Electrical (electric) power equation: Power P = I × V = R × I2 = V2 ∕. R where power P is in watts, voltage V is in volts and current I is in amperes (DC). If there is AC, look also at the power factor PF = cos φ and φ = power factor angle (phase angle) between voltage and amperage.  Tip: The electrical power triangle (power formula) The magic triangle can be used to calculate all formulas of the "electric power law". You hide with a finger the value to be calculated. The other two values show then how to do the calculation.

Four basic formulas can be used to calculate electrical power under different circumstances. Power Formula Calculator. Enter energy and time to obtain the power. Derivation of P = VI. P = W/t … (1). From the formula of voltage, we know that V = W/Q or alternatively: W = QV Putting W = QV in equation 1. P = QV/t. Since current can be mathematically expressed as I = Q/t. We can replace it with the formula of Power. P = V.I .. (2). Equation 2 is the derivation of power in terms of electrical engineering. Velocity & Wattage. Power can also be expressed in terms of velocity.

Formula E boss Alejandro Agag says Formula 1 would need the permission of the FIA all-electric single-seater series if it wanted to go fully electric in the next decade. F1 sporting boss Ross Brawn has claimed that there is “nothing to stop” the championship switching to fully electric power in future seasons. “If in five years’ time or 10 years’ time or whenever there is a need, desire, wish to have a different type of power unit in Formula 1, we’ll do it,” Brawn told the F1 Fan Voice community website. More Formula E News. Renault Formula E Success Puts Pressure On Nissan.

Formula Electric Belgium is proud to share the new design of its electrical vehicle. On Wednesday, February 21st 2019, we welcome you on our Digital Roll-Out event at the KU Leuven De Nayer campus in Sint-Katelijne-Waver. Be prepared for an inspiring evening!  Vanaf 2019 gaat Brunel Belgium een partnership aan met het Formula Electric Belgium team. Vandaag kregen we een blik achter de schermen bij de werk- en denkplek van het team. We kijken alvast erg uit naar de leuke samenwerking in 2019! Meer weten over het Electric Formula team? Check zeker hun website: …

Formula SAE and Formula Student challenge students to build a single seat, open wheeled racecar to compete against other schools at annual international competitions. There are many areas of evaluation in these competitions including engineering design, business and cost as well as numerous dynamic events. Every year, the team starts out be creating new goals.  By using electric vehicles as a platform for innovation the team hopes to promote the development of a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable future. High Performance.

UBC Formula Electric grew from the roots of the UBC Electric Car Club. It is an engineering design team out of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, that connects students from across various engineering and related disciplines through the shared passion for creating a world full of technological sustainability. This passion is channeled through the design and construction of a fully electric Formula One race car, that will be competing internationally at the Formula Electric SAE competition in the United States of America.

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