The 1988 FIA Formula One World Championship was the 42nd season of FIA Formula One motor racing. It featured the 1988 Formula One World Championship for Drivers and the 1988 Formula One World Championship for Constructors, both of which commenced on 3 April 1988 and ended on 13 November after sixteen races. The World Championship for Drivers was won by Ayrton Senna, and the World Championship for Constructors by McLaren-Honda. Senna and McLaren teammate Alain Prost won fifteen of the sixteen races

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Все изображения Ferrari Formula 1 '1980–88 165. Автомобили класса Формула 1 с двигателями V6, оснащенных турбонаддувом, объемом от 1,2 литра (с 1980 по 1984 гг.) до 1,5 литров (с 1985 по 1988 гг.). Ferrari 126 CK (#049) '1980 Произведен в единственном экземпляре. Тестовый автомобиль, на котором Ferrari отрабатывала новый двигатель с турбонаддувом.  Ferrari F1-87 '1987. 53 очка (4 место в Кубке конструкторов); Герхард Бергер - 36 очков (5 место в чемпионате); Микеле Альборето - 17 очков (7 место в чемпионате). все картинки (16). технические характеристики. Formula 1 '1987. Ferrari F1-88C '1988.

F1-87/88C. The sun was by now setting on the turbo era and new technical restrictions on turbocharged pressures and fuel consumption were limiting the power of the engines. Even the name of the 1988 car reflects its close similarity with the previous model, as it wasn’t considered necessary to create a whole new car for the turbo engine because the new normally aspirated model designed by Barnard had already been worked on for quite some time. The result was that the F1-87/88C was the last single-seater to adopt the turbocharged six-cylinder. Just one win brightened an otherwise bland 1988 sea

Формула 1 - новости чемпионата 2018, эксклюзивные интервью, календарь F1, личный зачет, кубок конструкторов, обзор всех Гран При сезона, техника Формулы 1, лицензионные фотографии, статьи, прямые онлайн трансляции.  В Liberty Media официально подтвердили проведение первого в истории Формулы 1 Гран При Вьетнама.

Since Formula One World Championship’s inception in 1950, the sport has always sought to innovate, constantly pushing the technological boundaries in order to find the quickest route to victory. The sport has frequently pioneered technology that has been successfully transferred to everyday transport.  2018 FIA Formula One World Championship. Since Formula One World Championship’s inception in 1950, the sport has always sought to innovate, constantly pushing the technological boundaries in order to find the quickest route to victory. The sport has frequently pioneered technology that has been successfully transferred to everyday transport.

VIDEO: Vietnam Formula 1 track preview. 1. F1. Why we should stop feeling sorry for Fernando Alonso. F1. F1 confirms Vietnam GP to join 2020 calendar. F1. When is the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix and how can I watch it? F1. VIDEO: Memorable Brazil F1 moments! F1. How a broken floor flared growing tensions at Toro Rosso. F1. Gasly: Rivalry with Ocon ‘not good for either of us’. F1. Force India rescue ‘just in time’ to influence 2019 car. F1. Hamilton reveals most difficult moment in F1 title victory. F1. What’s at stake in the F1 2018 constructors’ championship? 2. F1.

Серхио Перес Racing Point F1 11. Карлос Сайнс Renault 12. Кевин Магнуссен Haas 13.  Российский гонщик Даниил Квят, которому прочат возвращение в Toro Rosso в 2019 году, начал работу с новым менеджером — представлять интересы пилота теперь будет известный автоспортивный менеджер Николя Тодт, сообщает Autosport. «На протяжении последних нескольких месяцев я работаю над гоночной карьерой Квята. Я очень заинтересован в том, чтобы помочь таланту, которым является Даниил, помочь показать в Ф-1 всё, на что он способен», — заявил Тодт.

Daily updated Formula 1 News coverage of the 2018 Formula 1 Season, with race results, reports and in depth technical features of all the teams and drivers. Live commentary of testing and full Grand Prix race reports.  Force India team boss Otmar Szafnauer believes Lance Stroll will prove to be a great asset to the Videos. Watch F1 & Autos news videos here. Drivers 16:1216:31. Sainz: Famous name 'no guarantee of success' for Schumacher.

Kısaltması F1 olan, Grand Prix Yarışları olarak da bilinen Formula 1; tek kişilik, açık tekerlekli otomobil yarışlarının en yüksek düzeyini oluşturan yarışlar dizisidir. F1; bir yıl boyunca, her birine Grand Prix adı verilen ve değişik ülkelerde özel yollarda koşulan yarışlardan oluşur. Yıl sonunda toplanan puanlara göre Pilotlar Şampiyonluğu ile Takımlar Şampiyonası (Otomobil Yapımcıları Birinciliği) ödülleri verilir.

Formula One has confirmed Vietnam will host its first grand prix in April 2020, with the race set to be held in the country's capital city Hanoi. Schöning/ullstein bild via Getty Images. Vietnam Grand Prix - Circuit Guide.  Chase Carey spoke about his enthusiasm to host a Formula 1 race in Hanoi and explained why Asia was so important to F1. 0:36. Hamilton, Massa and the complete oral history of F1's most dramatic finale.

VIPRow best place to watch formula 1 racing online with Sky F1 stream. Watch practice qualification and final race streaming online with the good quality stream.  The great Michael Schumacher started his Formula One career with Benetton Ford in 1992 and won his first Driver’s Championship in 1994 and his second the following year. He moved to Ferrari in 1996 and stayed with them for 11 seasons and 179 races, winning another 5 titles. David Coulthard comes in second with a total of 150 races for McLaren from 1996-2004. и Monster Energy търсят "Чудовищен фен на Ф1". © 2017 Sportal Media Group. All Rights Reserved!

Racing Point Force India Formula One Team. Sports Team. McLaren. TECH TUESDAY: The design tweaks helping Force India zero in on sixth place. When Force India became Racing Point Force India after the change of ownership between the Hungarian and Belgian Grands Prix (because it was technically a new team) the 59 points they had accrued up to that time were annulled.

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