Самое популярное на YouTube. Новые музыкальные клипы, трейлеры, смешные ролики и другие видео, которые сейчас смотрят пользователи.  Текущий язык просмотра YouTube: Русский. Выбрать другой язык можно в списке ниже. Learn more. You're viewing YouTube in Russian. You can change this preference below. Очередь просмотра.

Купить вывод видео в тренды YouTube за один день, в топ 2019. Продвигаем и выводим видео на лучшие места в тренды/топ YouTube быстро и с гарантией! Работаем 2 года! Рабочий способ!  Вывод в тренды YouTube это лучший способ решения всех ваших проблем с продвижением Ваш ролик быстрее чем за сутки попадает в тренды и на главную страницу сайта YouTube. купить тарифы. Результат вывода в тренды.

How YouTube Reacted. In addition to trailers, YouTube is home to tens of thousands of review and reaction videos from creators. By examining the words used by creators in such videos, we can better understand how they responded to each film and the effect it left on the community. To do this, we analyzed the captions created by the creators, the YouTube community, and automatic captioning from every English-language review/reaction video about the Best Picture nominees. The Most “I Cried” Film: “Call Me By Your Name.”

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ЮТУБ ТРЕНДЫ. coop.trends@gmail.com. Информация. ютуб ютуб и еще раз ютуб Видеоблогеры и ютуберы и новости о них. #Ютуб #Новости #Тренды. https://www.youtube.com/c/ЮтубТренды. Записи сообщества. Поиск.  Видеоблогер, один из авторов и основателей проекта Rakamakafo, автор книги "YouTube: Путь к успеху", мастер диссов, певец — на "Видфесте" Коля снова будет радовать своих поклонников.

Find the worldwide YouTube trends.  YouTube Trends ile bağlantı kurmak için şimdi Facebook'a katıl. Katıl. veya. Giriş Yap. YouTube Trends. Topluluk. Videoyu İzle.

Checking out what is trending on YouTube is one of the most reliable ways of establishing what content is going to be popular. Most gurus and experienced users of the site will recommend looking at that data before deciding on the next video you will be making – or at least when to release it, as many topics can ebb and flow with regularity, and come in and out of vogue. Some of the best content I have seen on the web, especially in the humor category, have come to my attention through trending lists.  But how do you find these trending videos? What is the best way to regularly monitor the changes? There are a couple of ways to keep up. YouTube Trends Dashboard.

Top YouTube trending video of 2015: Silento – Watch me (Whip / Nae Nae) #WatchmeDanceOn. Top video game on YouTube on 2015: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Percentage of YouTube video views that are music videos: 38.4% on 8/28/14. Average length of the most-viewed YouTube videos: 31-120 seconds on 5/30/14. Most-viewed industry on YouTube: Electronics on 5/13/14. Most-viewed video ever: Gangnam style w/over 2 billion views on 5/31/14. Most-viewed YouTube channel ever: RihannaVevo w/over 5 billion views on 5/28/14.

YouTube celebrities — most notably ones like Logan Paul — have been at the forefront of our cultural conscience recently. From the content they produce to their widespread influence and reach — and, in Paul’s case, controversy — the people who create and post videos on YouTube have been the topic of discussion for quite a while. But with billions of users and 400 hours of content being uploaded to the video-sharing platform every minute, which YouTubers are viewers interacting with the most?

+ Making your YouTube videos trend. Getting your videos to trend on YouTube is entirely different from buying views per 1000. It is more powerful in a way because of its exclusive nature, and it can only be gotten from us. No one does it better. YouTube Trending? In December 2010, YouTube introduced a page that gives users a way of knowing the videos that are going viral by generating feeds algorithmically. This form of ranking is a country related ranking system going by the popularity of the videos.

With 35 hours of video now being uploaded to YouTube every minute, keeping up with the latest goings-on around here can be a challenge. Last week, we officially unveiled YouTube Trends (youtube.com/trends), a new set of tools designed to help you stay on top of the latest popular videos and trends on the world's largest video site. Here's more of an explanation: YouTube Trends features new algorithmically-generated feeds that highlight which topics and videos are trending right now. The site also offers a ‘top videos’ module and a blog with more in-depth explorations of videos, trend

YouTube will soon discontinue its Trends Map, which previously offered the site's top videos split by geographic and demographic lines.  If you want to discover fun new YouTube videos, there are plenty of ways you could go about your search. You could open up the trending tab on the video site’s homepage to see what’s going viral, or check your subscription box to see what your favorite creators are cooking up, or continue to read the blog you’re reading right now. Unfortunately, one of YouTube’s most fun and interactive video discovery aids is about the close up shop.

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