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Facebook advertising continues to be a powerhouse for marketers who want to engage customers in new and creative ways. Become inspired and take a look at the top facebook advertising trends of 2018.  With the use of mobile devices growing, it’s helpful to use platforms that cater to this medium. Here are the best trends to follow in 2018. 1. Focus on Messenger. “54.4% of US social media users said they preferred messaging channels, including Messenger, over email, phone and online chat.”

Facebook video ad trends, or digital and mobile video advertising, have been on the rise among marketers for quite some time, with eMarketer reporting a 67% growth in spending since 2015. Due to a marked improvement in viewability rates, consumers are now beginning to respond more positively to video ads with increased engagement. At the same time, platforms are experimenting with emerging video ad formats, and we anticipate 2018 to be a big year for introducing new formats into the market.  Here are the top trending video ad formats that you should consider for your 2018 digital marketing campaign strategy: 1) Facebook Creative Marketplace Best Practices. Facebook marketers are now experimenting with taking still image assets and turning them into dynamic video ads.

2018 Facebook Trends 2: Facebook Messenger Bot and Audience Network Will Receive Massive Patronage. In 2018 social media growth, brands will start investing more to master how to grow their business using chatbot (an artificial intelligence software that helps you communicate with your list seamlessly, even in your absence by studying their behavior). So, if you learn how to setup a messenger bot and you know how to ask for what you are worth, you will be making a shit load of money. In fact, companies; large and small will line up to offer you their money in exchange for your service. How abo

Our top social media trends 2018 report is here! There are so many interesting and massive opportunities for marketers and brands on social media in 2018 3 Facebook Marketing Tips and Trends with Mari SmithVideo Influencers.  Deswegen geht es heute um die Top 3 Facebook Trends des Jahres 2018. Big 3 Tech Giants New Trends 2018-2020: Facebook, Google, Microsoft (6 hours in 10 minutes!)Vincent Everts. 5 months ago. Google, Facebook and Microsoft all gave spectacular 1.5 hour presentations about their plans for 2018 at their developer conferences. Let's summarize some Marketing Trends 2018 -- Become "Facebook Famous" with This Simple Brand Awareness StrategyScott Oldford. 9 months ago. MARKETING TRENDS 2018 -- BECOME "FACEBOOK FAMOUS" WITH THIS SIMPLE BRAND AWARENESS STATEGY One of the big

The Top 20 Valuable Facebook Statistics – Updated November 2018. Facebook represents a continually evolving marketing platform and communication channel especially given the recent news coverage and insights. As marketers, we routinely hear customer/prospect insights about their views of all social media channels which require us to make well-informed, digitally driven decisions in ways to communicate with our audience.  The third quarter demographic update was provided by Facebook on October 30, 2018. The information below includes the most current information provided directly by Facebook in their reports to Wall Street. We will continue to keep you posted as soon as the information is updated directly from Facebook.

What trends should Facebook marketers look out for in 2018? From Messenger advertising to News Feed changes, discover winning strategies for this year.  What does Facebook have in store for advertisers in 2018? Last month the social behemoth dropped quite the news bomb with it’s News Feed algorithm changes, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. At we’re expecting this year to be an eventful and exciting one for advertisers. Read on to uncover our predictions for 2018 and what you should gear up for if you rely on acquiring and growing customers or your brand across the Facebook ecosystem. News Feed News. Facebook announced in January that they will start tweaking the algorithm to favor authentic connections between people.

We’ll cover the top Facebook Live trends to watch this year.  So, what’s new for broadcasters, and what can they expect from the platform in 2018? In our complete guide to Facebook Live streaming, we share some of the latest features and innovations to look for as you plan your social media video strategy. In this post, we’ll give you a peek at some of the hottest Facebook video trends we uncovered. Top Facebook Live Trends for 2018. Here are the top Facebook Live video apps, trends and capabilities that are leading streaming media into the future: New Features to Boost Follower Engagement. Expanded Facebook Live Creator Tools. Support for Augmented Real

17 Trends Facebook Thinks Will Go Mainstream in 2018. As we prepare to say goodbye (and good riddance) to 2017, it's hard not to get introspective about the year that was. Be it the heady highs of the Women's March to the lowest lows of widespread natural disasters, a lot happened this year that will inform just how it is that we tackle what's to come in 2018 — and thankfully, the good people over at Facebook have been keeping close watch on what the next 12 months might have to offer. On Dec. 13, Facebook IQ — the insights and marketing division of the social media giant — rele

Here are the top 7 Instagram marketing trends for 2018: Instagram Marketing Trends #1: Boosting Instagram Posts Will Become Normal for Everyone in 2018. When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, everyone’s greatest fear was that Instagram would become a pay-to-play platform like Facebook. Nearly 6 years later, we’re finally starting to see that dreaded decrease in organic reach.  In 2018, it’s completely normal for brands to have very low organic reach on Facebook, with most brands and small businesses relying on Facebook ads to get their content seen. Organic reach on Instagram won’t disappear in 2018, but it will become a lot harder to achieve high engagement without any paid support or strategy. In fact, many Instagram influencers are already starting to promote their own posts in an effort to maintain their engagement and stay relevant.

Ad Format Trends 2018. Jedes Format, das Facebook anbietet, hat seine Stärken. Die Trends für 2018 liegen aber bei Slideshows und Videos. Sie zeigen den Kunden schnell und unterhaltsam, was sie von deinem Produkt oder Service erwarten können. Slideshow Der Unterschied zwischen einer Slideshow und einem Karussell ist, dass die Slideshow automatisch rotiert, während man sich beim Karussell selbst durchklicken muss.  Promotion Trends 2018. Inhalt und Bilder alleine werden deine Zielgruppe nicht komplett überzeugen können. Um Interaktionen und Reaktionen zu generieren, braucht es eine Promotionsstrategie.

Top 5 social media trends for 2018 you need to include in your marketing strategy, including predictions from 10 social media specialists. Brands are trying in more ways than ever to connect with audiences across a range of social platforms. It is becoming harder for brands to catch our attention as competition increases and our attention spans have decreased to 8 seconds.  "2018 will see a significant rise in businesses and brands using Facebook Messenger as a proactive marketing tool vs. simply a responsive private messaging app. With over 1.2 billion people on Messenger every month (according to Facebook), marketers using Messenger, especially those who are first on the trend, can expect explosive reach and engagement rates. Smart Replies, chatbots and embedded apps create a trifecta of marketing opportunities on Facebook Messenger."

Here are the top 10 social media trends to prepare for as 2018 draws near. 1. Rise of augmented reality. At the first-ever event hosted in the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple announced the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Both devices incorporate a new chip that allows the phones to provide users with extraordinary augmented reality experiences.  It is conceivable that in 2018, Facebook will announce a similar product to Houseparty that will win over users, just as Instagram’s introduction of Stories did. Related: 4 Steps to Give Your Business a Digital Presence Overhaul. 9. Facebook Spaces goes mainstream. Facebook isn’t just interested in live video streaming; they’ve been working on a project called Spaces that is designed to allow friends to connect in VR.

Key Facebook Trends to Watch for in 2018. Facebook's Diminishing Ad Load. Experimenting with Messenger Ads.  "In this last year, Facebook continued making a push to get more users and brands on Messenger. As we head into 2018, we will most certainly see the trend forging a deeper path as more people dive in to the app from ads at different stages of the conversion funnel without even having to transfer to a website or wait for customer service responses via preexisting and less instantaneous means." "From Sephora making beauty service booking quicker than ever, to O'Reilly Auto Parts providing customer service, Domino's Pizza featuring order placement and tracking, to Pintere

2018 is poised to be one of greatest departures from "business as usual" that we've seen in a long time. Click here to read more!  3. Generation Z to Decide Social Media Trends. We’ve mentioned Generation Z in both of the previous topics for good reason. RetailDive had this to say about Generation Z and their associated social media trends: “Gen Z is two- to three times more likely to be influenced by social media than by sales or discounts — the only generation to value social media over price when it comes to making purchase decisions…”  Once again, Facebook is at the epicenter, with Facebook Spaces. 8. Social Platforms See More Hardcore Moderation. The last year or so has forced the hand of several tech and social media titans to intervene and play a more active role in content moderation.

Just a week away from 2018, we are here listing the top social media trends in 2018. While 2017 has been an eventful year for social media platforms in terms of growth and innovation. 2018 is going to see more people moving towards social media for their business advertising and marketing. The top 5 Social Media Trends in 2018.  We believe this to be one of most important social media trends in 2018. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger crossed their user base to more than 1.3 billion and 1.2 billion respectively in 2017 bringing the focus to messaging platforms. While brands have not been able to leverage messaging platforms for advertising as much as social media platforms, 2018 is going to make a big difference. Some of the ways how 2017 has already set a good start in collaborating messaging platforms with social media marketing are

January 30, 2018 Posted by Nicole Blanckenberg on Best Practice, Facebook Trends. Social media is changing at the speed of light. Just when you have mastered one marketing hack, another one pops up. Nothing could be truer for Instagram which had a bumper 2017 in terms of upgrades and features. Instagram is fast becoming a leading traffic-boosting contender, and with the boost of Influencers, this is expected to soar this year. In this post I will show you the top 6 Instagram marketing trends you should be keeping a close eye on this year. 1. Get Ready for Instagram’s Shopping. Instagram’s new

Your average internet user may not notice it day by day, but web design trends are always changing. We can all agree that what looked good to visitors in the 90’s certainly wouldn’t play well today, but noticing the more subtle changes in design that happen each year is harder Stay current on the latest web design trends of 2018 by checking out our latest blog post. Read now!

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