Global Trends. Paradox of Progress. The achievements of the industrial and information ages are shaping a world to come that is both more dangerous and richer with opportunity than ever before.  What is Global Trends? Every four years since 1997, the National Intelligence Council has published an unclassified strategic assessment of how key trends and uncertainties might shape the world over the next 20 years to help senior US leaders think and plan for the longer term. The report is timed to be especially relevant for the administration of a newly elected US President, but Global Trends increasingly has served to foster discussions about the future with people around the world.

Global Trends Home Page: Are we seeing a regression of international cooperation and the accencion of nationalistic values such as what propelled the world into WWI? A recent National Intelligence Council estimate thinks that's exactly what is to come in the next five years. The NIC's report projects that as major powers struggle to cooperate on issues of global consequence and continue acting aggressively in their respective parts of the world, the current international system is fragmenting “toward contested regional spheres of influence.”  The NIC's report projects that as major powers struggle to cooperate on issues of global consequence and continue acting aggressively in their respective parts of the world, the current international system is fragmenting “toward contested regional spheres of influence.” Global Trends Home Page. Posted from

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Home. About. Blog. Aviation. Blogging. Charity. Destinations.  Global Trends Report. November 8, 2016January 25, 2017. Middle East Destinations Are Setting a Trail for Tourism. Global Trends Report. Twenty-first-century hikers are boosting tourism along ancient trails in the Middle East, reveals the WTM Global Trends Report 2016, in association with Euromonitor International, released today (Tuesday Read more. August 31, 2016February 2, 2017. Hipster Holidays and China’s Uberisation: Two Travel Predictions That Came True. Global Trends Report, Press Releases, WTM London. Euromonitor International and World Travel Market (WTM) London collaborated for t

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Global Trends!! Individual empowerment is maybe the main megatrend simply because it truly is the two a result in and result of most other developments such as the growing international economic climate, quick development in the developing nations around the world, and widespread exploitation of latest communications and manufacturing technologies.  These days about one billion individuals globally live in intense poverty, earning much less than $1.25 every day, a and 1 billion are undernourished. The quantity of people residing in extreme poverty globally is fairly steady for years, nevertheless the rate has become declining with inhabitants progress. Important numbers of men and women have already been transferring from well under the poverty threshold to comparatively nearer to it because of to common economic growth.

Global Trends & Cycles. Your Global Strategy Advantage. Home. About. Services.  It is now available on Amazon. Read reviews and a description of the book on the Publications page. -- Global Trends & Cycles provides analysis of long-term prospects for nations and companies to help you make informed decisions on expansion and risk. Through analysis of long-term cycles of human civilization, the specific character, location and timing of upcoming changes can be determined in advance and used to advantage to avoid high-risk situations and capitalize on growth opportunities of manageable risk. The Global Trends & Cycles website forecasts and services are produced by Ma

The sixth edition of Global Strategic Trends, published by the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre, describes a future context for defence and security out to 2050. Published 2 October 2018 Last updated 15 October 2018 — see all updates. From: Ministry of Defence. Documents. Global Strategic Trends: The future starts today (sixth edition). PDF, 54.3MB, 282 pages.  Global Strategic Trends (GST) describes a strategic context for those in the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and wider government who are involved in developing long term plans, strategies, policies and capabilities. Without a strategic context there is a risk that planners, policymakers and capability developers may assume a future that adheres to preconceived thoughts and assumptions. Global Strategic Trends: The future starts here. There is a transcript for this video. It is also attached above.

Flagship publications include The Global Trends Report 2013, The Global Trends Fieldbook and Ready? The 3Rs of preparing your organization for the future, available on this site and via Amazon. Thank you - we really enjoyed your presentation and your personal comments to us! It was very inspirational and insightful! Global FMCG Company. European HR team. We have been getting nothing but positive feedback from the participants.

Publisher of From strategic inspiration to action! Accelerating global challenges – and opportunities – mean business as usual in twenty, ten, or even five years, will be radically different to what we have known before.  Strategy Dynamics Global SA helps organizations and their leaders to navigate a complex, interconnected and uncertain world to move from strategic inspiration to action to drive future success. What We Do. Our ultimate aim is to help organizations and their leaders translate information about the changes in the world around us into positive actions today that can drive future success.

Home. About us. About us. Our Brands. What we do. Medical. Food.  OUR APPROACH. We specialize in Importing, Exporting and investing into new ideas and futures around globe. OUR VALUE. Be proactive to business needs. OUR APPROACH. Investing in markets with potential. OUR VISION. To be Leading company in middle east.

Global trends, global trends is a certified consultancy firm that exclusively specializes in international marketing , and foreign business strategy. IT Was founded by dr. rupendu bhowmick , an alumnus of the delhi school of economics, in 2012. IT HAS STUDY,Follow GLOBAL TRENDS to get latest updates from GLOBAL TRENDS.  You may alternatively reach us on : 4 Updates |. HOME. ABOUT. Services.

Home. Global Trends is a distribution company with a showroom in Miami that sells and promotes both established and up-and-coming accessory and fashion designers from around the world. Many of our designers are already successful in their international markets and look to Global Trends to introduce them into the American fashion industry. With backgrounds in editorial, merchandising and public relations, our creative team works with designers to develop the best strategy, unique to each line, to present their collections to buyers, stylists, and magazines. Mon - Sun: 9:00 - 19:00. Facebook Twitter Instagram. Home. About. Services.  Global Trends. Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Agency. SALES & MARKETING consulting for smb and Large enterprises.

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